Creating new marketing plans and ideas are allows good for your business. While in the process of brainstorming some new concepts and techniques to your overall marketing strategy, one that will remain the same for any online campaign is the importance of new and high quality content. Here are the top 10 reasons why content will continue to rule online marketing for years to come.

1. Content is the Reason People Go Online

1b-searchWhile it might not always seem like it, we always have a reason to turn on our computer or tablet or smartphone to start surfing the Internet.

That reason might be that we’re seeking entertainment, to find an answer to a question or a solution to a problem we have, or even just to provide a pleasant distraction for a few minutes.

The common thread running through all of these things is content. A person goes online in order to consume some type of content. When you have content on your business website you’re giving people a reason to visit.

2. Content Allows You To Distinguish Yourself

2-apples-orangesChances are you’re not the only business that’s operating in your chosen niche. In fact, there are probably at least a few others who are trying to accomplish something quite similar to (or perhaps even exactly the same as) what you’re doing.

Having a steady stream of quality content allows you to distinguish yourself from your competition, and therefore have the best possible chance of landing new customers. Not all businesses are willing to make content a priority in their marketing, so by doing so you can help your business stand above the competition.

3. Establish Your Expertise

3-expertWhen potential customers are searching for solutions to their problems, or considering making a purchase, one of the hurdles they have to overcome is the lack of trust in dealing with a business they’ve never dealt with before. In many cases, this lack of trust is based on the fact that these potential customers simply don’t know who’s a qualified expert in the field, and who isn’t. With high quality content on your website you establish yourself as someone who knows what they’re talking about, and your business as a solution to the potential customer’s problem.

4. Content Gives People a Reason to Come Back to Your Website

4-repeat-visitorsThe single best type of customer you can get is a repeat customer. Since you’ve already established a relationship with those individuals, you can save on the new customer acquisition costs. And those existing customers know exactly what they can expect from you and your company. But you still need to keep giving your existing customers a reason to come back to your website. Giving them new information on how they can get the most out of the product or service they’ve already bought from you is a great way to start the process of long term customer retention.

5. Content Helps You Explain Your “Value Proposition.”

5-valueEven if a potential customer never thinks about it in these terms, one of the questions they’re asking themselves when they’re considering buying something is why they should but it from you instead of from someone else. With quality content on your website you’ll be able to explain your “value proposition” – i.e., exactly what it is about your product or service that offers the greatest value to a potential customer.

6. Content Lets You Service Your Existing Customers

6-faq-serve-customersWhenever a customer asks for service or assistance or for help in understanding something, you can bet that there are many more behind the scenes who have not bothered to ask, but who instead simply stay dissatisfied with the transaction. FAQs and “How To” content on your website can help some of these potentially dissatisfied customers with the issues they may be having, and can turn them into satisfied customers.

7. Content Helps You Build Your Mailing List

7-mailing-listHaving a list of individuals who’ve opted in to receive emails from you can be your single most valuable business asset. One of the most effective ways to build your mailing list is to offer valuable content to a visitor in exchange for them signing up for your list. The most common types of content giveaways include special reports and ebooks on a particular topic of interest.

8. Content Helps Your Search Engine Rankings

8-search-rankingsWith relevant and high quality content, the major search engines will identify your website as one that’s likely to be a valuable resource for individuals who are searching for information on a particular topic. Writing articles that will be genuinely useful and valuable to potential customers, while keeping basic SEO principles in mind, can boost your search engine ranking, and help more individuals find your business.

9. Content Can Help You Expand Your Social Media Footprint

9-social-mediaContent is more than just long reports and ebooks. Content also includes pictures, videos and short articles. And these are just the types of things that people love to share on social media websites. By including content that people share on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest you’re making valuable links and contacts within the social media universe. Expanding your social media footprint in this organic way can be an irreplaceable way to build your business.

10. Content Keeps You Active and Creative

10-creativityUntil you have the mindset of constantly creating new content for your website, there’s a significant risk you can stagnate in your business. It’s virtually impossible in today’s business environment to simply come up with a single product or service and then just sit back and stop creating. When you’re thinking about how to bring quality content to your website, your creative juices flow, and this can only help you in other parts of your business.

Keep your business growing by making sure you’re always giving your customers and potential customers useful and high quality content.