When I created this local marketing blueprint about  2 years ago, my plan was to only show it to clients that I give proposals to in order to seal the deal. It’s gone through a few adjustments since the merge of Google Places and Google+ Local back in 2012 and I’ve decided to finally share it.  This is the blueprint that I follow for every local marketing campaign that I do. If you follow the steps of this blueprint, you will be on your way to dominating your local market. And of course I left out a few of the secret sauces that will remain undiscovered. I like to keep my sauces in-house :-). But this is a blueprint that anyone can follow and achieve good results with a low competitive market.

Google+ Local Marketing Blueprint

10 Components To Google+ Local Optimization

1) Keyword Research
2) Competitive Analysis
3) Picture Promotion
4) Coupon Promotion
5) Video Promotion
6) Local Directory Promotion
7) Review Promotion
8) Social Media Promotion
9) On-Page Website Optimization
10) Off-Page Optimization

Google+ Local Optimization Strategy

1) Keyword Research

– Research National Keywords
– Research Most Searched Keywords
– Research Local City Keywords
– Research Nearby Towns/Suburbs/Cities

2) Competitive Analysis

– Research Competitor Categories
– Research Competitor Review Sources
– Research Competitor Citation Count/Sources
– Research Competitor # Of Videos, Images, Backlinks, etc.

3) Picture Promotion

– Upload 10 Images To Panoramio & Geo-tag Images
– Optimize Description & Insert link That Points To Your Website
– Use Optimized Pictures From Panoramio On Category Landing Pages On Website

4) Coupon Promotion

– Create 2-4 Offers/Discounts
– Optimize Offers With Keywords
– Promote Offers On Website & Through Social Media

5) Video Promotion

– Create 5 Marketing Videos & Submit To YouTube
– Optimize Videos Based On 5 Categories Chosen
– Add 5 Videos To Google+ Listing & Add To Category Landing Pages On Website

6) Local Directory Promotion

– Submit/Claim Local Directories (Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, YP, City Search, etc)
– Add Relevant Content (Description, Pictures, Videos, etc.)
– Make Sure Info Matches Google+ Local Listing Exactly (Business Name, Address & Phone)

7) Review Promotion

– Encourage Customers To Leave Reviews
– Create A System To Encourage More Positive Reviews
– Syndicate Reviews From Around The Web With Facebook, Website & Mobile Website

8) Social Media Promotion

– Run Viral Promotions (Quizzes, Contests, Sweepstakes, etc.)
– Keep Fans & Followers Engaged On A Regular Basis With Good Content
– Create Content That Generate Likes, Re-tweets & Google+1’s

9) On-Page Website Optimization

– Optimize Meta Data On Each Page (Title, Description & Keywords)
– Optimize Page Content With Category Keywords
– Create 5 Category Landing Pages (1 For Each Category Chosen)

10) Off-Page Optimization (Backlinks)

– Create Backlinks From Multiple Sources (Social Media, Articles, Press Releases, RSS Feeds, Social Bookmarking, Web 2.0, etc.)

Ok…if you’ve read down this far this must have been of some interest to you. So since you read this far I’ll give away some more secret sauce. Below are some presentation slides that I put together for the Google+ Local Marketing Blueprint. I did this presentation for a company I worked for 2 years ago. The slides will go in great detail about how the blueprint works and how it should look when everything is put together. The last slide may confuse some but if you follow very closely you will catch on. I may record the presentation soon and upload it to reveal the entire thing.

Google+ Local & Category Landing Page Integration With Website

Photo Optimization & Integration With Panoramio

Video Optimization & Integration With YouTube

Full Integration With Everything Working Together
full blueprint

Now this…is how you dominate your local market. Ok that’s enough of my sauce for now. I’m getting low. Maybe more at a later time? Stay tuned…