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To give a little background about me, I graduted from Vanderbilt University in 1999. I got my bachelors degree in Engineering Science with a double major in Math. Right after graduating I was drafted in the 1999 NFL draft to the Green Bay Packers. This is why you see my wife with the Packers hoodie. She’s a Packers fan now as well. I played in the NFL for 2 other teams for a few years and then 2 knee ACL injuries took me out. So yes, the NFL does really mean “not for long”.

So how did I end up in the digital marketing space? I get asked this all the time because it’s not common to hear of a formal NFL player getting into digtial marketing. Well I’ve alwyas had an interest in knowing how people generated traffic online. I was totally fascinated how someone could do a few tweaks to their website and then a few days or weeks later see the results in the seach engines.

So I transferred my passion from playing football right into digital marketing. Since starting in 2005 these are a few things I’ve been able to achieve…

  • Built over 75 SEO optimized WordPress sites
  • Optimized over 400 websites
  • Optimzied over 300 Google My Business listings
  • Created and ran dozens of Facebook ad campaigns
  • Acheived hundreds of #1 keyword rankings for several clients

My experience doesn’t stop there. There is so much more these days to SEO with the popularity of social and paid media. With the emergence of paid search such as Google ads, Google Display Network and Facebook ads, it’s very difficult to compete in the online space without doing both.

So my philosophy is simple. Establish your foundation with local and then branch out to paid search. When you combine local search with paid search you can put your business in a place that can tough to compete with.

My passion is helping local business owners experience success online. It’s so fulfilling to strategize with business owners to put together a plan to help reach their business goals by gaining better visibility online and generating more online leads through organic and paid search.

I have a simple 3-step approach for every client who wants more visibility in order to increase their online customers. Once your foundation is in place you can ramp it up with paid search.

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My Simple 3 Step Approach:

Establish Online Presence

Optimize website and claim/maintain the top local listings and niche related listings.


Build 5 Star Reputation

Help your business become the market leader by generating 5-star reviews across all review sites.


Get New Customers

Position your company to get more customers through local and paid search.