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I would like to recommend Fred and his expertise in the internet marketing business. I have been approached many times by different companies that has promised me internet rankings, people choosing my office after their marketing, and increase in business. But after spending thousands of dollars, I did not see the final result justifying the expense I was paying.

So as anyone else would react, I became suspicious of others proposing the same results. By not getting the proper representation in the internet world, my business was not growing and the bill was still being paid.

So when I met Fred he did some research on my business and then asked me if I was happy with my results with my internet marketing. Of course I said no, that my expectations were not being met and was not willing to invest an another company giving me false promises.

So Fred of course told me what they were doing wrong and that he could give my business the attention it needed to grow in the internet world. But of course, I told him how I felt about false promises and why would it be any different with him. Fred was really knowledgeable about what my business needed and he was willing to sit with me and explain everything in terms I understood.

He showed me what I needed to do to improve my rankings and told me to do my own research about what he was saying so that I could be comfortable with his advise. So I did my own research and found out his advise about my business was true, that I was really missing key elements to get me competitive in the internet marketing world.

So after a couple of meetings with Fred, we got a game plan of the changes that needed to be done and we started working together. He advised me to be patient, that it will take time to improve my rankings after the changes but that he would come through with his service. So I told him that I trusted him and really wanted to believe that someone could help my business in this competitive world on the internet and not just become another client whose expectations were not being met.

So after a couple of months I have come from low rankings into #1 rank for over 20 local search terms. I have let go of the other internet companies saving about $5400/yr on false promises. When my local internet Representative came to my office to talk about my cancellation, she could not help but compliment on the job Fred was doing for my business over the past year.

She told me that he was out performing her company and that she understood why I was leaving because she could not offer me anything better than what Fred was doing for me. She complimented my new website and its features, how it was showing up in the rankings, and how nice the graphics looked. My business has grown constantly every month through internet referrals. As a business owner that made me feel really great inside knowing that my old internet company was confirming that I had made a wise decision.

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